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“We chose Xelocity because they’re specialists who consistently produce high quality work, they also have a deep knowledge of the steel industry,”
Charter Steel

Improve The Warehouse & Reap The Profits

Xelocity has become the only organisation outside of the USA to be approved as a partner for Warehousing Education and Research Council (WERC) certification. Warehouse operation plays an important role in maintaining efficient and effective supply chains.

Successful companies keep their storage and distribution systems running smoothly, efficiently and economically to achieve superior customer satisfaction and profitability. This helps organisations to achieve on-time shipments, accurate picking, eliminate excess inventory and maximise peak warehouse capacity.

WERC research has revealed that best-in-class warehouses achieve:

  1. Perfect order fulfilment rates of 99% where median achieves 95%.
  2. Dock-to-stock times of <2 hours, where median achieve >6 hours.
  3. Distribution costs as a percentage of sales, < 1.6% where median achieves >3.7%.

Good warehouse practices yield superior results", says Steve Bergin, CEO of Xelocity. WERC’s proven certification programme helps to identify areas that will assist in controlling costs and contributing to the bottom line by independently auditing 114 processes in eight core areas of warehouse operations. "The WERC audit process allows companies to access an independent, external perspective from auditors who are reputable professionals with experience in this area. It provides concrete, practical, and most importantly actionable benchmarks, based on warehousing standards vetted by industry pros."

However, the WERC certification is not just about identifying cost savings. For some businesses, the certification is another important step in their continuous improvement culture. For others, it provides a way to show their customers that they are committed to and are in fact, applying best practices to their processes. It also helps to build internal confidence, validating work that has already been done and helping to create a roadmap to go forward. The WERC Certification program offers a qualitative review that focuses on how work is done. This is a significant improvement over benchmarking studies that focus solely on quantitative metrics such as fill rate, on-time shipments etc. Xelocity has been using WERC framework for over five years and applied the model with several of its customers.

This partnership with WERC now provides Xelocity’s clients a significant opportunity to uplift their supply chain performance and achieve competitive advantage through improved warehouse operations.

The Warehousing Education and Research Council (WERC) is the only professional organisation focused on warehouse management and its role in the supply chain, providing practical, how-to information to help members grow professionally as they improve warehouse and company performance. WERC is a not-for-profit organisation with individual members.

To find out how Xelocity can improve the performance of your organisation, contact us today.