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In this section you will find a selection of recent articles from Xelocity, our partners and the media.

Managing Performance
Nicola Deacon talks about the importance of setting clear and measurable targets for performance.
Benefits Management Maturity Assessment
Andreas Gabler explains how a Benefits Management Maturity Assessment can help quantify how well you are managing benefits, and to intelligently plan capability improvements.
Master Data Management - Centralised or Localised?
Michael Diver discusses the best place to vest control of master data; and how process maturity, risk and the speed of change are key considerations.
Dealing With Product Proliferation
Simon Harrison examines the effects of product complexity on the supply chain and some practical measures that can be taken to navigate the middle path between consumer choice and supply chain efficiency.
Why Are You Doing That Project?
Chris Rodgers talks about how good project initiation processes and early intervention can help firms focus on doing the 'right' change initiatives.
Peter de Heer: Project Performance Specialist & Extreme Fisherman!
Senior Project Manager, Peter de Heer is a true project chameleon with 25 years of experience in the IT industry, he quickly grasps new situations and moulds himself to different project needs accordingly.
Suzanne Butler: Process Performance Specialist & Triathlete
Senior Business Analyst, Suzanne Butler lives processes and uses her strong analytical and LEAN skills to ensure that clients’ business processes are well defined, aligned and managed.
Nicola Deacon: Technology Performance Specialist & Adventurer
Principal Consultant, Nicola Deacon's utilises her unique blend of skills and extensive supply and service chain experience.
Chris Wilson: Information Performance Specialist & Environmentalist
Principal Supply Chain Consultant, Chris Wilson invites you to learn more about him and his interest in helping organisations get the most out of their business intelligence and performance management design.
Practical Steps In Building Analytical Capability
Chris Rodgers explains how maturity models can help diagnose the current state of an organisation's analytical capability, and then be used to plot incremental improvements.
Master Data Management
Chris Wilson reveals how to avoid the enterprise-wide repercussions of poor data quality.
Mapping The
Customer Journey
Nicola Deacon demonstrates how to make the customer journey easier and more consistent by using a formal approach to capture and analyse information.
Improving Performance
In Service Organisations
Nicola Deacon introduces IPSO: a structured way of working our which service chains are most important to your organisation, and where your time and effort are best invested for enhanced performance.
Business Process Governance
Helen Bucksey highlights how investing in business process governance can pay dividends when working on process improvement.
Navigating The Big Data Sea
Wayne Pohe reports on how Xelocity can help you make the most out of your investment in big data, and announces an upcoming book on SAP HANA from SAP Press.
Actively Managing Benefits
Read a step-by-step guide to managing benefits from your initiatives.
Systems Selection: Making The Right Choice
This article explains how a rational and independently-facilitated process can help you make the right choice when selecting IT systems.
Supply Chain Management:
A New Approach
Learn how the Supply Chain Council is refining and improving its frameworks with M4SC.
Understanding The Problem
This article highlights the importance of thoroughly understanding problems before investing in solutions - despite our natural tendencies to want to get on with the action.
The Benefits Of Business Process Management
See how well-defined and managed processes can ensure smooth running and reduce risk.
Integrated Business Planning
Learn more about how aligning planning processes throughout the organisation can achieve the best results.
Association Of Tertiary Education Management 2013
Read an outline of our presentation on delivering step-change in the challenging Tertiary environment.
Our Presentations At The 2012 BA Development Day
Interactive Process Models: Doing Things Right
Benefits Management: an aid to Doing Right Things
Globalisation: Is Your Supply Chain Geared For It?
In this article Supply Chain leader Ikhlaq Kashkari explains why NZ companies must acknowledge globalisation as an opportunity, and optimise their supply chains to suit new market expectations. <
AUT Unit Merger
Read how Xelocity assisted AUT with merging its student management, support and registry units.
From Chaos To Control
Peter Bolstorff tells the story of a consumer products company that used SCOR to drive supply chain improvements.
Mapping The Supply Chain Of The Future
Rod de Spong, CFO of Douglas Pharmaceuticals talks to CIO magazine about the intensive supply chain requirements of pharmaceutical firms.