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“The Project Support Office allows the management committee to maintain a strong focus on tracking the benefits of all initiatives being run by Douglas."
Douglas Pharmaceuticals


We are your performance improvement specialists.

We help you diagnose your performance issues, and formulate a plan to resolve them. We aid you in smoothly and successfully executing the change you need to achieve improved performance. And, uniquely, we make sure that you are able to sustain the changes made in order to recoup long-term benefits.

We concentrate on key areas that will yield the best performance results: business process, information, systems and technology, and projects - projects being the prime vehicle for organisational transformation.

Our comprehensive range of performance improvement services and products can be tailored and combined by our skilled practitioners for your specific needs or circumstances.

Our Focus Areas

Our specialists can help you get the best performance out of your business processes. Read more...
Use data from both inside your organisation and from the wider environment to your best advantage. Read more...
Make best use of your organisation's existing technology - and invest wisely in new technology. Read more...
Maximise the value of your investment in change - by using the right people and techniques. Read more...