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“We chose Xelocity because they’re specialists who consistently produce high quality work, they also have a deep knowledge of the steel industry,”
Charter Steel

Technology Performance

Information technology is indispensable; having the right technology for your business can help you meet or outpace your competition, reduce cost, enable innovative products and practices, and keep risk at bay. Conversely, aging or inappropriate technology can impede your plans and devour resources.

Our Technology Performance services & products aim to help you make best use of the technology you have, by:

  • Ensuring your configuration and processes best support the way you work
  • Enriching your technology capability through seamless integration
  • Enhancing your systems to meet your needs using our expert developers

And to select the right mix of systems for your business, mindful of:

  • Properly-tested functional requirements
  • Organisational maturity
  • Solution configuration and the feasibility of change
  • Cost and benefits, risk management
  • Setting up for successful change

Our Specialists

Oracle Specialists
Our specialists can help you get the best out of your existing Oracle apps, and help ready your business to take advantage of the far-reaching benefits of Oracle Cloud.
.NET Specialists
We offer cutting-edge development services using Microsoft .NET.
RenCS Specialists
We are leading experts in the classic, enduring performer: the RenCS ERP system.

Our Methods & Frameworks

Cloud Ready
with Oracle Integrated Cloud
Oracle’s superior technology combined with Xelocity’s performance improvement know-how make for optimised processes, uncomplicated cloud transition and maximised benefits realisation.
Systems Selection Excellence
Systems Selection Excellence empowers your organisation to invest in the most appropriate technologies – and to fully realise the benefits you need those technologies to deliver. Our phased approach will enable you to make clear, agreed and rational decisions on what your system needs are, and how to best meet those needs at an acceptable cost. Read more...
Integration Development
Our experts can help your systems (and those of your partners) work together seamlessly for cost-effective, high-confidence results.

Our Key Tools

Get high-performance integration with our fully-featured integration tool.
The open-source Pentaho suite offers a powerful solution for designing and implementing integration.