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"We hit them with short time lines regularly, and they’ve always managed to give us what we need."

Information Performance

In an epoch where the amount of data available seems both infinite and infinitely expanding, enterprises need advice and guidance on how to make economic and practical use of data opportunities.

Our Information Performance services & products aim to help you:

  • Understand and digest what business intelligence and big data concepts and tools mean to you, and how you can put them to profitable use
  • Get a grip on what data you already have and what data you could acquire
  • Plot the kinds of capabilities and tools you need to make best use of your new insights - with a focus on whether your people, systems and processes will be able to cogently respond to increased insight
  • Formulate an information strategy for your organisation, business unit or channel
  • Explore issues of privacy, security and sovereignty
  • Calculate the advantages to be gained, and assess whether the investment required stacks up
  • Build a roadmap of initiatives for the capabilities, tools and data sets you need to fulfil your information strategy

Our Specialists

Business Intelligence Specialists
Our business intelligence specialists have just the right background and experience to help you navigate the wealth of data improvement opportunities that exist in practically all organisations.

Whether it’s impartial advice or hands-on assistance you require, our business intelligence specialists are the experts for you.
Analytics and Insights Specialists
Our analytics experts work with you to understand key questions being asked, and the most appropriate ways of finding solutions. We have been working with large customers and research-led universities for over 15 years to develop solutions for complex issues.

And when it comes to 'big data', our experts have the concepts, tools and approaches in-hand. With exponential increases in new data sources comes ever-greater uncertainty about how to put this data to beneficial use for the enterprise. Let us lead you safely through the process of making sensible decisions about big data – acquisition and integration, process readiness, risk and security, choice of technology – while maintaining a relentless focus on increasing performance.

Our Methods & Frameworks

Analytics Capability Maturity Assessment
Let us help you understand what analytic talent, processing technology and organisational structure you need to perform at your peak.
Business Intelligence
Every enterprise desires greater intelligence from their information. Work with us to get the right systems and processes in place to make your performance visible.
Master Data Management
Our structured MDM approach puts an end to the inaccurate and poorly-governed master data that’s inhibiting your performance.

Our Key Tools

SAP BusinessObjects
Our experts help you turn data into insight with BusinessObjects BI.
Microsoft SSRS
We can develop rich reporting for your firm using Microsoft SSRS.

Training & Development

Our Training & Development Courses
We provide tailored, in-house courses in our areas of expertise to help build your capability. Read more...