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Process Performance

Processes are vital intangible assets. Well-defined, aligned and managed processes can help a business achieve excellence. Poorly-designed and regulated processes can lead to revenue loss, stakeholder dissatisfaction and strategic disappointment.

Our Process Performance services & products aim to help you:

  • Put in place frameworks for properly-aligned and governed processes
  • Create effective processes, through visualisation and documentation
  • Decide on the right measures for the processes that matter
  • Set up measurement regimes that permit timely intervention and better control
  • Realise substantial benefits in key process performance areas - such as supply chains, service chains, sales and operations planning, warehousing and logistics management
  • Take advantage of leading thinking and methods in process performance

Our Specialists

Supply Chain Specialists
Our specialists know where to look for improvements, and how to deliver changes for a legacy of sustained performance.

We have an extensive case history in helping companies to improve their supply chain performance and have forged strong links to leading thinkers like Peter Bolstorff and dedicated supply chain advancement institutions like APICS Supply Chain Council.
Lean Specialists
Cut waste and reap the rewards with the help of our Lean specialists. Read more...
Warehousing & Logistics Specialists
Free up your flows with our best-practice expertise. We have the experience, methods and benchmarking information needed to deliver dramatic performance improvement.

Our Methods & Frameworks

Business Process
Management & Governance
Our techniques can help you increase process reliability, flexibility, alignment with strategy and policy, and ensure that regular critical maintenance is carried out. Read more...
Process Mapping
Consistent and thorough mapping of any existing or new process is the first step to being able to improve, measure or manage it.
Improving the Performance of Service Operations (IPSO)
Improving the Performance of Service Operations (IPSO) is a priority for many organisations. We have adapted supply-chain derived techniques for service operations, to help you hone in on the areas that will yield the best improvement results. Read more...
Supply Chain Excellence
Our Supply Chain Excellence Review diagnoses performance issues using world-class methods and lays the foundation for dramatic performance improvements. Incorporating the SCOR® Framework. Read more...
Sales & Operations Planning
Get your business working seamlessly with fully-integrated S&OP processes. Read more...
Organisational Performance Measures
To get the best performance you need to be measuring the right areas of your business. Let us get you focused on your most important performance measures.
Performance Benchmarking
Let us compare your organisation with similar firms the world over - and then help you decide how to selectively improve your performance.
Warehouse Optimisation
Make strategic decisions about where to locate and how to store and move your stock with our structured approach to optimisation. Incorporating WERC certification. Read more...

Our Key Tools

Powerful process modelling software that is a key enabling tool for Supply Chain Excellence. Read more...
ARIS from SoftwareAG
A powerful integrated BPM solution used by leading organisations.
A fully-functioned process editing suite able to model current and future states, and associated process artifacts.

Training & Development

Our Training & Development Courses
We provide tailored, in-house courses in our areas of expertise to help build your capability. Read more...